Thursday, 29 May 2014

GBIOFIN Student Partner Program

Applicable only if you still have more than 6 months of college remaining.

Nothing cool here. Just simple good old fashioned work. A lot of it. If you are ambitious, can solve problems rather than crib about them, if you can make a conversation with a stranger and if you understand the word "brand" and are keen on building one on campus...read on.

About the brand -

Founded by 3 Biopreneurs, GBIOFIN is the coolest and most successful Biotech awareness Firm in India.We strive to create an effective forum for Students and Various Organizations and Companies for Interaction.The GBIOFIN Group has a Mission to bring all the information related to Biotechnology under a single umbrella. Provide a complete platform for a biotech community to excel in thefield.
We provide various services to students . Check it out our various services - services@GBIOFIN

If you do not like processes, hate corporate type organizations; love creativity, innovation and fun at work; you will love it here.

Want to know more about us ??
Please take pain to visit -  Our website www.biofin.net
                                       Facebook Page

About the program -

GBIOFIN Student Partner Program focuses on promoting the GBIOFIN Brand in
Universities and colleges  across India. The Student partners would be the strategic link between Campuses and GBIOFIN.

Work Profile-

Publicize GBIOFIN and its services in your college, both through Online and Offline Mediums.
Act as a Campus Contact for GBIOFIN Team.

Desired Skills-
The students in demand are the ones who are self-motivated and have good leadership skills.
Popularity on the campus would be a great add-on.
Why would you want to be a student partner for GBIOFIN
Exposure and experience to marketing and Brand building.
Monetary Benefit: Proportionate to the benefit you brought to the company (applicable only if you performs really well)
Develop soft skills, communication skills
Certificate of GBIOFIN in Association with BIOWEBSPIN (Swiss based Company) Appreciation
Chance to get a job/internship at GBIOFIN if you prove your mettle.
You start as student partner.
6 months you do an awesome job, you become a university head.
Another 6 months you become regional head (only 4 per city)  We will take you for meetings too then.
If you do well, you can become Zonal head - earning a good amount of handy cash and managing a team of 50+ under you.
Why you shouldn't apply

If you looking to just get another line on your CV
If you think its going to be easy and not much work
You just want to try it.
If you haven't visited our website yet and clicking the "apply here" link without even knowing about us.
And most important , Only biotech/life sciences/pharmacy background students are eligible.

If you have some doubts/queries regarding this program , please write to us – gbiofin@gmail.com
To apply for this program , please fill the online form available with this post
Last Date - 15th June 2014