Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Walking on the path on my Goal – An Entrepreneur Approach (Story of Vinit Rambhia ,Founder- V India BioSynergy)

Vinit Rambhia
Founder- V India BioSynergy
Walking on the path on my Goal – An Entrepreneur Approach

I am Vinit Rambhia, MSc graduate in Applied Genetics from The Oxford College of Science, affiliated to Bangalore University. Currently, proud owner of a Company named “V India BioSynergy”. My company fulfills all the requirements of Biotech Laboratories & Hospitals – from Consumables to Instruments.
I was introduced to GBioFin in 2012 through an educational website; there on I became a part of GEIC course. The tour was a tough one for a science background student due to business terminologies & commercial aspects, but the most informative one too. It gave me an over-all picture of setting up a company. Especially the last module & assignment where one has to formulate the whole business plan implementing your own research idea. GBioFin was kind enough to even lend me a hand in finding investors. All those assignments & interactions have helped me to reach the position I am in today. As a saying goes, “Each drop helps make the sea”, GBioFin provided me the whole tanker.
These amazing people still keep me updated about all their activities. So this shows that the relationship with GBioFin doesn’t last only till the course, it is a permanent bond. I would like to be associated with this organization in future too.
GBioFin is a boon to the Biotech Sector of India. Keep up the good work.