Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Search for a dream job... #3 Do not ignore any option, consider them all...

  • First of all, always remember that your primary aim is to earn a living in a scenario of inflation and tight market. You should never ignore any opportunity even though it may be labelled as “temporary”.
  • One can always go for evening or weekend jobs to earn some money, or can volunteer during the working hours of the day for firms or institutions that may help you hone your skills and add to your experience in the market. You can get associated with various service agencies that may help you build connections in the industry and also give an insight of the present market scene. There are ample openings at such firms for people with good communication, marketing, programming, planning and research skills.
  • Simultaneously, one can prepare for job interviews and utilise the weekdays for appearing in full-time job interviews.
  • Apply for temporary positions as and when available because such positions are liable to get extended and also open chances for us to get absorbed within or outside that organisation.
  • Internship is a very strong tool to get placed. Employers use this tool quite often to fill in positions by hiring graduates. It is recommended that you should have internships in your to-do list.  
  • It is never necessary that your initial job is in your field-of-interest or in accordance with your educational qualification. All that matters is building skills and gaining experience. So do not ever miss a chance.
  • Short-term projects, part-time jobs, volunteering and so on are a boost to your confidence and a simple way to gain experience and learn about the hidden market.
  • Stay aware about temporary agencies because they may serve as gateways to your field of interest or your dream organization. It also helps you increase your contacts and networks in the market.
  • Always remember, no job is small or big. Each one will help you gain something or the other.