Monday, 18 November 2013

Searching for your Dream Job??

Here we are to give you some tricks of how you should search for your dream job. We have divided it into 6 easy steps to guide you for searching a suitable job in a difficult market. I’ll be posting one or two steps each day with a hope that all readers would take a note of them and benefit from them.
For every student, the destination of the journey of education is their dream JOB, but at the same time, it is our own efforts which make us suitable for that very job. Following are the steps one must follow while searching for a job.

#1: Keep a Positive and Constructive Attitude

  •          First of all, make “Job Search” the First Priority in your life and accordingly make a plan and schedule your time.
  •          The process will be successful only if you take it seriously and always remember, you are doing this for Yourself.
  •          You are the one looking for the job, stay alert as new vacancies come up every day. Stay alert and apply.
  •          Stay focussed and always list things that are in your control and that are beyond your control.
  •          Start the search at least 6-9 months before you graduate.
  •          Subscribe to various online Career Development Centres and read each and every mail carefully in order to utilise every bit of information.
  •          Do proper research about the hiring procedures at the firms of your choice and gather information about entry-level positions.
  •          Work hard because searching a job is one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have.
  •          Focus on your strengths and skills and not just on whatever job opening happens to come up.
  •          Be well-prepared. Think as the employer of a firm and analyse what the employer expects from a candidate: your resume, your way of approach and then prepare accordingly. You’ll be hired for your skills, abilities and your team work. So give it your best shot.
  •          Dress decently and appropriately to impress your employer.
  •          Attend job/ career fairs to learn more about firms, hiring procedures and analyse your preparation so that you can overcome your shortcomings. 
     #2 coming up soon..... Stay Tuned!!